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Women's Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Cotton Blend-IVY

Women's Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Cotton Blend-IVY

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The Most Comfortable Bra to wear all day long. Made from rich micro Cotton, this bra gives you support from all sides. Available in B, C and D Cups make sure that you can choose your perfect size easily in 3 amazing colours. Good for the women with heavy breasts. It provides full coverage and prevents spillage from all directions by holding the breast tissue in its place. This Bra from Inkurv is non-padded, non-wired and comes at a very affordable price.

This bra will make sure that your breast stays in place while doing your daily activities. Our everyday bras are carefully designed with Full coverage to ensure that there are no bulges and you feel more confident in any outfit you wear. INKURV is the expert for Non-padded non wired Bras for all-day wear. What makes us unique? Our bras give you the perfect fit under all your attires LIKE blouse, Kurti, kurta, suit, saree, Anarkali, etc. If you're someone who experiences side spillage or top spillage, this full-coverage bra is the ultimate solution to your problem. The cups provide maximum coverage and leave no spillage. The bra features non-wired cups and hence provides a poke-free experience. The key features include Excellent quality, comfortable fit, soft cotton fabric, classy and stylish, very rich looking and an amazing range of colours to choose from! Sizes are available from 30B to 44D.


  • Non-Padded || Non-Wired || Full Coverage Bra || Daily use bra.
  • Suitable for all body shapes especially for heavy-bust women.
  • The back part of the bra with 3X3 hook panel is made of microfiber for extra softness and delicate feel 24X7.
  • Material composition: Rich micro Cotton, polyamide and spandex
  • Wash your bra after every wear. Use a mild detergent & lukewarm water to wash them.
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