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Benefits of Wearing a Full Coverage Bra in your daily life.

Benefits of Wearing a Full Coverage Bra

 INKURV Full Coverage Non Padded Non Wired Bra

We all have heard of different types of Bras. One of them is a Full Coverage Bra which is very popular.


What is a Full Coverage Bra?

By definition, it is a Bra whose cups cover the entire Breast tissue. It features a higher neckline that covers the entire breast without showing any cleavage.


Who should wear it?

Although everyone can wear a Full Coverage Bra but it is essentially for women –

  • Who have large breasts
  • Who want extra support
  • Who have sagging breasts and need more shape
  • Who don’t want any cleavage and need something modest
  • Who are looking for all day Comfort bra


Benefits of wearing a Full Coverage Bra

  1. It offers great support from back and shoulders

Ideal for women with large breasts, a full cover bra has wide band which prevents bulges in the back. Also, they have broader straps which provides shoulder support which avoids several neck pains.

  1. It provides proper coverage

It helps to keep the breast tissue in place giving a good amount of support all day long.

  1. Prevent Spillage and Bulges

This type of Bra prevents spillage and bulges only if you wear the correct size as per your body.

  1. It is Comfortable

It helps to keeps your breast in place and allow you free movements with freedom and Grace. Can be worn all day long, everyday!


 These Full Coverage Bras from INKURV are the Best Options to wear in your daily life-

 INKURV Full Coverage Non padded bra- ELSA


 INKURV Non Padded Non Wired Cotton Full Coverage Bra.   


 INKURV Full Coverage Wireless Bra-THEA

INKURV Full Coverage Wireless Bra-THEA


Hope you were able to understand and select a Bra based on your Body. Always Remember, The Bra should Fit you, You don't have to fit In!