Teenager’s Bra Guide | What, How and When to Wear a Teenager’s Bra?

Teenager’s Bra Guide | What, How and When to Wear a Teenager’s Bra?

Teenager’s Bra Guide | What, How and When to Wear a Teenager’s Bra?

We all have a lot of doubts regarding the teenager’s bras. When should one start wearing a bra? What are the benefits? What is the right age? What is the difference between a normal bra and a teenager’s bra? What type of bra one should wear in teens? What size to buy and from where?

 Let us make your life a bit easier.

 What is a Teenager’s Bra?

 A bra that has a very soft and supportive fabric to give comfort and coverage to the growing breasts of girls. A teenager should normally go for a bra when her breasts need coverage to protect them from excessive motion and to keep them in shape.

What is the right age to wear a teenager’s bra?

There is no right or wrong age to start wearing a bra. The breasts generally start to develop around puberty. Some girls may reach puberty earlier than others so defining an age to start wearing a bra will be wrong.

Also, it depends on the body type and genetics.

The correct time to start wearing a bra is when you start developing breasts which are around 12 years on average.

Benefits of Wearing a Teenager’s Bra-

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, it is common for young girls to feel embar­rassed and self-conscious when their breasts begin to develop. In that case, a teenager’s bra/ sports bra/ training bra comes into play.

  1. They make you feel comfortable and supportive.
  2. Avoid awkward glances, especially in crowded places.
  3. Keeps your budding breasts in place and helps in the smooth movement without any jiggles or bumps.
  4. Keeps your breasts in shape.
  5. Helps you adjust to wearing a bra- allows smooth transition.

 How to select the size of a teenager’s bra?

 It’s just like we select the size of a normal bra, we do the same with a teenager’s bra. To measure the correct size, we need to measure 2 sizes- band size and cup Size.


Step 1- Measure your band (Underbust Size)-

Measure your rib cage, just where the band of the bra should come. Make sure it is parallel to the floor all way around. Round up to the nearest even number of inches.

Add 4 to get your band size. For example, if your measurement is 27.6 which rounds off to 28, so 28+4=32. 32 is your band size.


Step 2- measure your cup (Overbust size) –

Take the measurements at the fullest point of your breasts, make sure it is parallel to the floor and round up to the nearest even number of inches.

The difference between your Underbust and Overbust measurements determines your cup size. For example, your underbust measured 30” and your overbust measured 32”, there’s a difference of 2”, This means, you are a ‘B’ cup.

Similarly, you can check below for a complete chart for cup size-

Difference in measurements

Cup Size













We hope now you have better clarity about teen bras. Just remember one thing- Comfort is the key! Go for a bra which offers you the best fit and prevents any negative effect on your growing figure!

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