The Right Bra makes you love yourself .Self Love is first Love!!!

The Right Bra makes you love yourself .Self Love is first Love!!!

We don't make bras for display, we make them premium, comfortable and regular. We are the everyday bras. Founded in April 2017, House of Inkurv is a lingerie Brand, known for comfortable inner-wear experience. We are inspired by all the independent women, who work 24×7 and we stand up for them. We care for the Women’s comfort as they work tirelessly for their families. We want to revolutionize the usage of non-wired, light padded, full coverage rich micro cotton-blend regular bras.


 We make you look beautiful. We look up to mothers, sisters and daughters whose morning starts with hustle and night sets down with stress for tomorrow. We respect their sacrifice for their families and work. At INKURV, let's take a step ahead towards #Selflove. The bra that does its job, holds you together, makes you feel your productive best, without ever asking for attention.

Let's #Selflove


Our simplicity marks our significance and we promise real comfort. Inkurv is serving women since 2017, accomplishing new milestones on the way of revolutionizing comfort lingerie. We are proud to announce, over 18 lakhs+ women found their all day comfort with Inkurv. We believe that women deserve to be comfortable throughout the day without worrying about their bras. We make bras, meant to be your everyday support. We promise affordable, easy to wear undergarments, in attractive and eye-catching vibrant colors, that you won't be able to take your eyes off. Our exclusive segments consist full coverage bras, seamless bras, multi-way bras, t-shirt bras, teenager bras, active wears and none other than daily wears and beginner bras, available in decent price range.


Active wears are prominently prepared for light-impact, perfect for gym, yoga, workout and running purposes. In this segment we create premium light-padded sport bras with removable pads and stretchable capris, prepared in quirky and dynamic unique color combinations.


Concerned about finding your first bra, Inkurv delicately prepares seamless bras in teenage segment, promising irritation-free experience and softness.


Our listed bestselling bras include Lisa and Thea .

Lisa is specially designed and crafted for school and teenage girls who require low to medium support. This bra comes in double layer for smooth shape, appearance and reduces transparency. Its backside includes the option for wearing it normally or making it racer back. Non-wired, lower band provide full cup coverage, stability and support to the wearer. Made from cotton fabric makes it super comfy and an ideal choice for everyday wear .This is a wire-free, lightweight, stretchy and soft Bra for gentle support and comfort. The under bust elastic helps preventing it from sliding up when your arms are lifted.


On the other hand, Thea offers great support and fit especially to heavy busted women. It's perfect to go with any kind of occasion or dress. Made from cotton and spandex, this bra will lend you a perfect fit and provide the desired support. The Inner lining is cotton blend so it is very comfortable for everyday use. It fits amazingly for all body shapes and the comfort is unmatched. Thea is quality concerned, comfortable, fits perfectly, manufactured with soft fabric along with given a classy and stylish touch comes in amazing range of vibrant colors to choose from.


We deal in 30+ sizes. Coming up with female comfort, our full coverage bras are prepared light-padded to support from all the sides and comes with detachable straps so that you can wear it anyway you like. At Inkurv, we make bras passionately, promoting softness and healthy skin indulging usage of top-notch premium quality fabrics. Considering perfect fit for every body shape, we manufacture bras with premium care, which makes your dress look gorgeous on top of Inkurv. It gives a new fresh look to your inner body and expresses unmatched beauty.


We don't prefer glamour, we rather believe in simplicity. We choose encouraging women to go for the right fitted bra which enhances your appearance and prevents sagging. Though clothing and fashion defines beauty, personality and status inspiring women to explore new outfits every day, at Inkurv, we believe to build for comfort. We believe to create regular wears, rather occasional vanities. We believe to #ComfortWithin. Come join us at

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