What is the difference between Padded and Non Padded Bras?

What is the difference between Padded and Non Padded Bras?

What is the difference between Padded and Non-Padded Bras?

 Bras are made to support your breasts. There are 2 different styles of Bra- padded and non-padded. Anyone can wear these depending on occasion, the type of outer wear, also their personal choice.


Padded Bras-

 Inkurv Padded Bras

Padded bras are made with soft foam which is compressed and moulded into cup shapes in order to provide both support and enhancement to the breasts. It actually adds some volume to the breasts making it look bigger in size.

  • The cup varies different in size, for 32 sized bras, cups would be smaller and for a 42 sized bra, cup is larger in size, both in area and depth.
  • The thickness of the pads can also vary depending on the bra, if we want a heavily padded bra, the cups would be thicker and for a lightly padded, the cups would be thin.
  • Padded Bras are a blessing to small breasted women. They give extra volume to the breasts and provides a natural look and shape.
  • Also, these bras are seamless since the cups are moulded and not stitched. So padded bras are best to wear under T-shirts or body-hugging clothes.


Non-Padded Bras-

 Inkurv Full Coverage Non Padded Bras


Non padded bras do not have any extra padding in the cups.

  • They (Cups) are just made of only fabric which is cut and sewn to make cup shapes and provide great support. They are generally not seamless.
  • A full coverage non-padded bra is advisable to heavier busted women as these bras not only provide complete support but also make you comfortable throughout the day.
  • These bras are also moisture wicking if you buy the right fabric and right size.

Both of the types of bras have their pros and cons. For wearing purpose, you can’t really compare the two. It’s a personal choice. For heavier busts, Padded bras may add a size up and are good for occasional wear whereas Non-padded bras are good for Daily wear and everyday use. Still there is no compulsion on what type of bra you want to wear but make sure to wear your right size and which makes you feel comfortable all day long!


Best solution is to have both of these styles with you so you can choose according to your outfit!  


Always remember, Bras are meant to fit you, you are not meant to fit it in one!


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