How to Wash and Care for Your Bra

How to Wash and Care for Your Bra: Expert Tips from Inkurv

Bras are more than just undergarments; they're a fundamental part of your  daily comfort and confidence. They provide essential support and shape to your silhouette, making them a valuable asset in your bra-drobe. To ensure that your bras maintain their quality and last longer, it's crucial to know how to wash and care for them properly. In this blog post, we at Inkurv, your trusted Indian lingerie brand, share expert insights on preserving the longevity of your bras.

Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing: 

The first decision you need to make is whether to hand wash or use a washing machine for your bras. Both methods have their merits, but hand washing is often considered the gentler option, helping your bras retain their shape and elasticity for longer. Here's how to hand wash your bras:


  • Fill a basin with lukewarm water.
  • Add a small amount of mild detergent, specially formulated for delicates.
  • Submerge your bras in the soapy water.
Preparing Your Bras for Washing: Before you start washing your bras, there are a few steps you should take:
    • Fasten the hooks of your bras to prevent them from snagging or tangling with other garments.
    • Turn padded bras inside out to protect the padding.
    • Pay attention to any lace or delicate details and avoid rough handling.

Gentle Washing: Gently agitate the water with your bras for a few minutes.
Gently agitate the water with your bras for a few minutes. Pay extra attention to areas like the underwire and straps, where sweat and body oils tend to accumulate. You can use a brush with gentle hands to remove stains.

Rinsing: After washing, rinse your bras thoroughly with cool water to remove all traces of detergent. Hold them under the faucet or gently submerge them in a basin of clean water until the water runs clear.

Drying Your Bras: Proper drying is crucial to maintaining the shape and elasticity of your bras. Here's how to do it:

    • Gently press the excess water out by pressing them between clean, dry towels.
    • Lay your bras flat on a towel to air dry. Avoid hanging them by the straps, as this can cause the fabric to stretch.

Storage: Storing your bras properly is the final step in maintaining their longevity.

    • Fasten the hooks of your bras to prevent them from getting tangled with other lingerie items.
    • Consider using a lingerie bag to protect your bras in the drawer.
    • Keep your bras in a cool, dry place to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Your bras are essential wardrobe staples, and taking good care of them ensures they continue to provide the support and comfort you need. By following these expert tips, you can extend the life of your bras and enjoy their benefits for a long time to come. 

Unlocking the Secrets of Bra Care: Do's and Don'ts

Hand Washing: The Gentle Touch

Do opt for the delicate, loving caress of hand washing. Use lukewarm water and add a smidgen of mild detergent specially crafted for delicates. 

Fasten the Hooks

Do clasp those hooks before the wash. This prevents your bras from playing 'Twister' with your other clothes in the laundry.

  • Turn Padded Bras Inside Out 🔄
    Do flip your padded pals inside out. It'll help preserve the padding and keep it looking fresh and fabulous.

  • Tender Love and Agitation ❤️
    Do give your bras some TLC when agitating. Remember, we're dealing with delicate lingerie here. A light swish, a little rub, and you're golden.

  • Rinse, Rinse, Rinse 🚿
    Do rinse thoroughly with cool water after washing. Let those bras enjoy a cool, refreshing shower.

  • Gentle Drying 🌬️
    Do handle it with care when drying. No wringing or twisting, please! Gently press out excess water by sandwiching your bras between clean, dry towels.

  • Lay Flat to Dry ☀️
    Do lay your bras flat like they're sunbathing in style. Hanging them by the straps can lead to unsightly stretching.

  • Shade and Breeze 🌥️
    Do find a shady spot to dry your bras. Direct sunlight is a no-no, and avoid heat sources like a diva avoiding paparazzi.

Don'ts for Bra Washing

  • Machine Mania 🚫
    Don't toss your bras into the washing machine's abyss unless they're in a mesh laundry bag on the gentle cycle. They're not ready for a wild spin.

  • Say NO to Bleach and Fabric Softeners 🙅‍♀️
    Don't even think about introducing bleach or fabric softeners into this love story. They're the villains in the world of delicate lingerie.

  • Avoid Hot Water 🌡️
    Don't subject your bras to hot water. They're more delicate than they look, and hot water can cause them to lose their shape.

  • Stay Away from Dryers 🌀
    Don't even consider the dryer. Heat and bras are not friends, and that's a breakup you don't want to witness.

  • Don't Fold One Cup Into the Other 🍽️
    Don't fold one cup into the other when storing bras. This can lead to deformities. Instead, stack them neatly or line them up in a drawer.


Ladies, there you have it - the ultimate guide to keeping your bras in tip-top shape. Remember, the way you treat your bras directly affects how they treat you. So, pamper your intimates with the love and care they deserve. Happy washing, and stay fabulous, always! 💁‍♀️✨

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